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Engineering Manager

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The Engineering Manager will be responsible for achieving Repro's sales and roadmap and will be responsible for achieving this by becoming a "changeable organization" that adapts to uncertainty.


Creating and spreading the ideal image of the organization over the medium to long term

  • Create and disseminate an organizational roadmap for achieving KPIs
  • Facilitate the sharing and understanding of metrics and help with initiatives related to product strategy
  • Helping you understand the big picture and the background of the product and the PBI you are responsible for, and beyond

Support for defining the product creation process and its penetration into the entire company

  • Identifying and presenting inter-team and inter-organizational issues
  • Facilitate team members' discovery of issues within the team and development process
  • Facilitate team members to promote various problem solving
  • Facilitate the definition, establishment and improvement of working agreements for the entire development process and inter-organizational collaboration
  • Propose ideas and decision points that clearly show that members have decision-making authority and enable them to make decisions based on the values.
  • Helping teams set team goals by defining team roles
  • Discovery and definition and transfer or realization of unknown and implicit roles

Formulate and execute human resource acquisition and development strategies to achieve the organizational roadmap

  • Developing a human and systems investment budget
  • Recruitment Planning, Implementation and Structuring
  • Define and organize the onboarding process
  • Team Building Support
  • 1 on 1, coaching/teaching
  • Supporting the acquisition of necessary knowledge and skills and establishing a mechanism for doing so
  • Evaluation and Structuring

Minimum Qualifications

  • Experience in the development and operation of web/app services
  • Experience in Agile development
  • Experience in managing an engineering team
  • Experience supporting, coaching, mentoring and developing development members
  • Experience in solving cross-functional problems

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with large scale scrum development
  • Experience in Product Management and Delivary Management in SaaS
  • Experience in engineering recruitment
  • Management experience in English

Our Ideal Candidate

  • I strongly identify with Repro's mission and vision.
  • Take ownership and be willing to do your best
  • Be able to act and work tenaciously toward the realization of the ideal image
  • To be able to think from the other person's point of view and communicate correctly


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