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Miki doubles as VPOE and Human Resources Director. He has built a number of businesses and been a CTO many times before, so he's the only one who can tell you what makes Repro so appealing!

Before Repro

When I was a child, my father was a PC lover, so I had to play games on the PC (laughs). I remember I was a bit of a strange type because I had no choice but to keep touching the PC9821 at all costs. When I entered a technical college, I was contracted to create a web site through an acquaintance's introduction because the web was becoming more popular at the time. As a result, the desire to do some kind of service on the web may have been piling up in my mind.

Looking back on it now, I feel that I was involved in a lot of different services.

  • A mash-up service where people from all over the world can bring in sound sources and mash them up
  • A service that translates a celebrity's twitter, explains their background and buys related products
  • Global Shipping Agency Service

and so forth


Right now, my main focus is management, including recruitment and service design. I'm working hard to share knowledge and delegate authority so that I don't become a SPOF myself, because I have a strong group of trustworthy members.

It's really hard to build a team and make everyone feel good about their work.

About Repro Inc.

Repro is a generic marketing tool in the world of apps that can be used in any language or region. This means that you have an infrastructure that is accessible to app users all over the world, and you are single-handedly responsible for everything from analyzing them to solving their problems. Technically, it's a challenge.


There are many opportunities to study in life, but the chance to be involved with a product that has the potential to succeed in the world is really rare. We're looking for people who can enjoy such a macho environment with us. If you are even a little bit interested, let's have dinner together!



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